Burgers Artisan Bakery and Tea Room, Marlow

Date visited: Monday 9th May 2022

Burgers is situated at the junction of Station Road and High Street in the small Buckinghamshire town of Marlow. Despite primarily marketing itself as an artisan bakery, the majority of space in the premises is occupied by Burgers’ tea room. This is a long room extending along the Station Road frontage, with almost twenty tables for those taking tea. There are also four tables outside. The tearoom is open from 9am Mondays to Saturdays, with last orders for tea taken at 3pm.

Buck rarebit on sourdough bread, a slice of coffee latte cake, and a pot of Yorkshire tea.

Burgers menu includes breakfasts, light lunches which include an unusually wide range of ‘rarebits’, and afternoon teas. Although only eleven cakes were listed on the menu, a far more extensive range of cakes were on display at the counter of the bakery, which does a brisk trade for those not stopping to take tea. The beverage menu is relatively short with a small choice of teas, as well as coffees, hot chocolate, and soft drinks.

For a slightly early lunch I chose Buck rarebit on sourdough bread, a slice of coffee latte cake, and a pot of Yorkshire tea, which in total came to £13.45. Buck rarebit is Welsh rabbit with a poached egg. For the price, £7.25, it was rather underwhelming, but I suspect such prices may be customary in the home counties. The teapot was also disappointingly small, being sufficient only for two small cups of tea. This was almost redeemed by the cake, as one might expect for an artisan bakery. Coffee latte cake was a light sponge with coffee cream and chocolate decorations, which was exceedingly pleasant and smooth. Service was friendly and prompt on what was a relatively quiet Monday morning, with the overall ambience relaxed and welcoming.

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