Charlotte’s Tea House, Truro

Date visited: Friday 7th September 2018

Charlotte’s Tea House is on the first floor of Truro’s Coinage Hall.

Charlotte’s Tea House is in the Victorian Coinage Hall at Truro. The building houses several businesses, including an antique shop and on the ground floor a branch of Pizza Express. Those wishing to take tea should make their way to the first floor, past the entrances to separate toilets for those eating pizza and those taking tea, with stern warnings on the doors of each that they’re not for patrons of the other establishment. The tea room has a fine view out across Truro’s market place.

Staff are traditionally dressed, in black outfits with white aprons, yet the outfits are not so traditional as to give the impression of a museum as happens at some of the other older tea rooms.

Smoked salmon and watercress sandwich, with jasmine tea at the rather charming Charlotte’s Tea House in Truro.

Charlotte’s offers a good range of hot and cold light snacks as well as the expected cakes, cream teas and leaf teas. Coffee is also available for the less discerning. As I was making a late morning visit, I had a smoked salmon and watercress sandwich, with jasmine tea. Slightly expensive at £11.15, but well worth the price for the charm of the venue and excellent service.

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