Waterloo Tea, Cardiff

Date visited: Monday 25th February 2019

Waterloo Tea is a tea vendor with a chain of tea houses in the Cardiff area. Its city centre branch is in the Wyndham Arcade, close to Cardiff Central railway station. Waterloo Tea is a rare example of a thoroughly modern tea room – there’s no hint of Victoriana here. The modern look extends to the crockery too. There are ground floor and first floor rooms for those taking tea, as well as tables in the covered arcade. The menu has breakfast, lunch and afternoon offerings, as well as a small children’s menu. The tea menu is extensive, with the more popular teas written on the wall behind the serving counter. The range of cakes on offer was not particularly extensive when I visited, but this had been a busy day in Cardiff’s tea rooms.

Jasmine pearl tea, brewed on the blue timer, and strawberry and pistachio cake for £7.00.

Tea is carefully served at Waterloo Tea, with colour-coded timers to ensure a perfect brew. Jasmine pearl tea came with instruction to brew using the blue timer, and then remove the strainer from the pot and place on the saucer, ensuring a perfect pot of tea for the duration of the meal. Strawberry and pistachio cake was a surprisingly pleasant combination. Despite the high quality of the tea, the price was just £7.00.

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