JellyPickleJam Tea Shop, Evesham

Date visited: Tuesday 18th October 2022

There are two ways one can approach JellyPickleJam Tea Shop. One is from Vine Street, along Vine Mews which is entered through an archway in a Victorian building with an attractive appearance. If, however, as a stranger to Evesham, one instead heads down Vine Court instead of Vine Mews, the appearance of the tea shop from Bourne’s Place car park is not the best. Do not be put off – this quirky tearoom is worth seeking out.

A pot of jasmine green tea in a buttoned waistcoat tea cosy.

JellyPickleJam occupies two sides of the end of Vine Mews. It has two ground floor rooms for those taking tea, as well as a basement room and four tables outside in the mews. Whilst the ground floor rooms have a fairly conventional tea room appearance, the basement room is rather more opulent. The very pink and sparkly ‘powder room’ is also located in the basement.

There are separate breakfast, main, cake and drinks menus, and two tea menus. Breakfast is served until 11.30 am with a selection of hot meals. Thereafter, a packed main menu includes hot and cold lunches, as well as lighter snacks such as sandwiches and jacket potatoes, and of course afternoon teas, of which there is a wider than usual selection. The cake menu had about a dozen cakes, with seven on display at the counter. The drinks menu includes coffees and soft drinks, whilst the two loose leaf tea menus are one for teas from The Lawn Collection, based in Surrey, and one for teas from Suki Tea, based in Belfast.

A beef & horseradish mayonnaise baguette, a chocolate slice, and a pot of jasmine green tea.

A beef & horseradish mayonnaise baguette, a chocolate slice, and a pot of jasmine green tea came to £13.15. The baguette was served with salad and crisps, and was filling but not remarkable. In contrast, the chocolate slice was excellent! With a consistency somewhere between a cake and a brownie, unusually for such items it wasn’t particularly sweet, instead having a flavour of strong high-cocoa dark chocolate.

The basement room at JellyPickleJam Tea Shop, Evesham.
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