Lavender Tea Rooms & Coffee Lounge, Knaresborough

Date visited: Sunday 28th April 2019

Corned beef pie and jasmine green tea. The pie was well filled. Very well filled.

For a relatively small town, Knaresborough offers several options for those wishing to take tea, having three tea rooms close to the town centre. The Lavender Rooms are on the Market Place in Knaresborough, upstairs from what claims to be the oldest chemist shop in England, and has two rooms for those taking tea. The menu is quite extensive despite much of the food being prepared to order. At the counter there was a good selection of tempting cakes on display.

A large slice of coffee and walnut cake.

On the day I visited, their chicken and leak pie wasn’t yet available, as it was taking longer to cook than usual. Instead I had corned beef pie, coffee and walnut cake, and jasmine green tea. They were filling and delicious, especially the cake, and only £12.10.

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