Harriets Café Tearooms, Norwich

Date visited: Monday 20th May 2019

Coronation chicken and salad wrap and a pot of jasmine green tea with extra water.

Harriets is a small chain of tearooms in East Anglia, with branches in Norwich, Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge. Their Norwich branch has frontages on both London Street and Castle Meadow. There are rooms on two floors for those taking tea, with the upper floor accessed from Castle Meadow and the lower floor from London Street. The upper floor is only used at busier times. There are also tables outside in London Street. The menu is very extensive and includes a very wide range of teas and also some alcoholic beverages.

Coffee and walnut cake.

Despite opening as recently as 2015, the service is clearly intended to reflect Victorian luxury. Coronation chicken and salad wrap, a slice of coffee and walnut cake, and a pot of jasmine green tea with extra water came to £13.55, all very neatly served.

The London Street frontage of Harriets Café Tearooms, Norwich.
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