Flag & Whistle Tea Rooms, Toddington

Date visited: Thursday 19th July 2018

A bacon baguette and cup of tea
The Flag & Whistle tea rooms offer filling but simple meals.

The Flag and Whistle Tea Rooms are operated by the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway, and is located opposite their Toddington station. This tea room is at the cafe-like end of the tea room spectrum, offering filling but simple meals, and a relatively limited range of teas and a reasonable range of cakes. There is one large room for those taking tea, plus benches outside.

This was an unplanned tea room visit for me, having partaken of afternoon tea earlier on in the day at Tisane’s tea room in Broadway, and filling some time between trains at Toddington. A bacon baguette with a pot of tea was filling and cheap but unremarkable, though perfectly reasonable for the price of just £6.40.

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