Infusions Tea Room exterior.

Infusions Tea Room, Calne

Date visited: Wednesday 22nd November 2023

Infusions is a spacious tearoom on Curzon Street on the edge of central Calne, having moved in November 2022 from a more central location just off Calne High Street. It has eleven well spaced tables of varying sizes inside for those wishing to take tea, as well as five tables outside on a patio. At the end of the tearoom furthest from the counter there is a small selection of gifts and home decorations for sale.

Teapot and tea cup with timers.
Teapot, timer and infuser, just after brewing the green tea for three minutes.

The menu was presented in a large folder, with seven pages including two pages of beverages and one page of specials. The food offered consists mainly of breakfasts and hot snacks, with the half dozen specials more appropriate for lunch time. The two pages of beverages cover a wide range of coffees and soft drinks, but no mention of tea! However, the wall behind the counter is covered by shelves with an extensive selection of teas. Also at the counter was a display were half a dozen cakes and variety of pastries.

Coffee and walnut cake
Coffee and walnut cake.

Ham, egg and chips, a slice of coffee and walnut cake, and a pot of green tea came to £14.40. The tea was leaf tea, and provided both with a timer and small bowl in which to place the tea infuser once the tea had brewed. The infuser was well-filled with leaves, making a pleasantly strong brew in the three minutes recommended by the waitress. The teapot was well sized, holding sufficient tea to last the two courses. The only disappointment was an unexpected faint hint of mint in the tea, suggesting some contamination from green mint tea that was also offered. The ham, egg and chips was unremarkable but fine for the price, and the chips and egg appeared to have been cooked to order rather than prepared in advance. The cake had just the right moistness and the coffee and walnut flavours were nicely balanced, if a little mild for my liking.

Infusions appears to be a relaxed, unhurried establishment. When I arrived late on a midweek morning, there were four tables occupied by groups chatting leisurely after completing their meals. Infusions is also a very dog friendly establishment – the proprietor makes her own dog biscuits – and during my visit was graced to two quite friendly and very well behaved dogs belonging to two of the other customers. The relaxed atmosphere combined with good service made for a quite enjoyable experience.

At the time of visiting, Infusions Tea Room was open five days a week, from Tuesdays to Saturdays, between 9 am and 4 pm.

Ham, egg and chips.
Ham, egg and chips, a slice of coffee and walnut cake, and a pot of green tea.
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