Museum Tea Room, Polperro

Date visited: Monday 16th May 2022

The Museum Tea Room is, as its name suggests, beside one of Polperro’s museums. This is the harbour museum operated by the Polperro Harbour Trust that runs the village’s harbour.

A slice of coffee and walnut cake, and a mug of tea.

The Museum Tea Room is in a small wooden building beside the museum entrance. It has space for just four tables inside for those taking tea, and rather cramped too. Outside are another six tables. The menu offers light lunches, cream teas, local seafood, and ice cream. On the beverage menu the only tea offered appeared to be ‘a mug of tea’ despite several coffees and soft drinks being offered.

A slice of coffee and walnut cake, and a mug of tea came to £5.05, with the cake being of a good, moist consistency, but quite mildly flavoured.

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