Warren Farm Shop & Tea Gardens, Alum Bay

Date visited: Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Warren Farm is located about half a mile to the east of ‘The Needles Landmark Attraction’ at Alum Bay. It is also not far from the coastal path between Freshwater Bay and The Needles. It is those walkers that are the main target for these tea gardens. The farm’s cattle graze the National Trust’s Tennyson Down and the tea rooms are well signposted at each entrance to the grazing area. There is also a sign on the road between the Needles and Alum Bay to attract more sedate tourists from the more mass produced food offerings at the Landmark Attraction. The tea gardens are situated to the south of a barn which houses the small farm shop, from which the teas are also served.

Victoria sandwich and a mug of Dorset green tea, with an oaty date slice wrapped to take away.

In addition to farm and local produce, the shop offers a selection of hot and cold beverages, snacks and cakes, but nolonger offers cream teas. Not unreasonably, given the dependence for trade on those walking across the downs, the cake range appears to vary in size depending on the season and the weather.

I chose a slice of Victoria sandwich cake and a mug of Dorset green tea to consume in the tea gardens, and an oaty date slice to take away, which in total came to just £6.45. The Victoria sandwich was excellent, with a very thick cream filling. The oaty date slice was enjoyable and filling, though rather too crumbly for easy consumption. Unfortunately the green tea seemed to have a mint flavour and I suspect I may have been served another tea from the Dorset Tea range.

The approach to Warren Farm from the coastal path is very well signposted.

For those travelling by public transport and not intent on walking across Tennyson Down, the nearest bus stop is the somewhat hazardous ‘The Golf House’ stop on Alum Bay New Road. The bus stop at The Needles Landmark Attraction is slightly further away but offers refuge from passing traffic whilst waiting for a bus.

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