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To finish my year of tea rooms, I chose to return to where I started three hundred and sixty five days before, at Tisanes Tea Rooms and Garden in Broadway. I’ve updated my original review to include the new visit. Perhaps not surprisingly, I’ve become a little more critical in that time about what makes a good tea, and that was one reason for wishing to return – to compare my view of one tea room at each end of the year.

In the space of one year I’ve visited sixty two tea rooms in fifty two different cities, town and villages, spread across fifteen counties. I’m pleased that almost all turned out to be enjoyable experiences, with only one falling short in all respects and only four others where the overall experience was disappointing. In other words, fifty seven enjoyable tea room experiences! Far better than I could have hoped for.

Before the year began, I expected it to be a year filled with cream teas. However I quickly found that this was often not the best option on the menu and soon coffee and walnut cake became my item of choice – except in Dorset, where apple cake is the only sensible choice.

There remain plenty of tea rooms that I haven’t tried. My tea room explorations are definitely not over.

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