Little Huffkins Cotswolds Bakery & Tea Rooms, Cheltenham

Date visited: Monday 8th April 2019

Huffkins Cotswolds Bakery & Tea Rooms is a chain of tea rooms that originated in Burford, Oxfordshire and now has six branches across the Cotswolds and surrounding areas. In Cheltenham they have two branches: a larger branch in a John Lewis store on the High Street, opened in late 2018, and ‘Little Huffkins’ a short distance away on The Promenade.

Despite its name, Little Huffkins is not that small compared to many tea rooms, with a narrow room for those taking tea, behind the counter at the front of the tea rooms. It also has outside seats at the rear and out the front in The Promenade. There is a smaller menu than at other Huffkins branches, with a small selection for all-day breakfast and for lunch, and a rather more extensive range of cakes. The tea, coffee and soft drink menus are also relatively small.

Eggs Benedict, in an unusual stacked arrangement, with a pot of gunpowder green tea and extra water.

Eggs Benedict were served in a rather unusual stacked arrangement, with bacon sandwiched between thin muffins and both eggs on top. Gunpowder tea, with a small pot of extra hot water, was served in a teapot with a shallow strainer that for the tea leaves that fitted under the lid, ensuring that the tea did become stewed once the first cup of tea had been poured. Total price was £12.40.

The John Lewis store on Cheltenham High Street was rebuilt from the Beechword Shopping Centre and given this new frontage between 2016 and 2018. It is home to Huffkins larger Cheltenham branch, on the first floor.
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