No. 10 Tea Gardens, Avoncliff

Date visited: Saturday 4th August 2018

The No. 10 Tea Gardens are beside the Avoncliff Aqueduct, which carries the Kennet and Avon canal over both the Avon and the Bath to Westbury railway line. The canal separates the tea gardens from the Cross Guns public house, with the tea garden serving a select few in comparison with the pub.

Cream Tea (not the best choice for a hot mid-summer day) and a pot of tea at The No. 10 Tea Gardens, Avoncliff.

The No. 10 Tea Gardens offer cream teas, cakes and snacks outdoors on Fridays, weekends, and Bank Holidays from March to October, with a wide range of teas, though all made with tea bags. Cakes, scones and jam are all made on the premises, though the jam was rather too runny for a hot summer day when I visited. Other foods are locally sourced. Food is served from the small building on the edge of the garden, from which customers both order and collect their meals.

A barge crossing the Avoncliff Aqueduct
A busy mid-summer day on the canal at Avoncliff. Note the World War II fortification in the background.

The Tea Gardens are just a short walk, of about one mile, along the canal from Bradford on Avon. Rather further away along the canal in the other direction is the better known Dundas Aqueduct.

There’s also a diminutive Avoncliff Station on the other side of Avoncliff Aqueduct, with platforms barely long enough for a two coach train.

Avoncliff Halt, with Avoncliff Aqueduct in the background.
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